Suds Factory is An environmentally friendly carwash

Water Savings

Some of the key components in our efforts to conserve renewable resources are:

Top of the line, state of the art water reclamation system.

We have the “Cadillac” of reclaim systems that allows us to recycle approximately 60% to 80 % of our water. We have exceeded what is required by the Denver Water District for water conservation. We use only 6-10 gallons of fresh water per vehicle where as the average home “driveway” washer can use between 50-80 gallons.

Our goal is to achieve maximum control of water volume output by researching and implementing the latest equipment innovations. We have achieved this with changes in our high-pressure water nozzle output, as well as updated detergent application systems.

We are always researching and trying new types of bio-degradable detergents that are reclamation friendly and safer for the environment.

Recently, we installed a new updated equipment control system, which allows us to better control the use of water and electricity within our automated wash process.

We will be doing regular inspections of our irrigation system and replacing or repairing components as needed.

Compliance with the Denver Water Board’s car wash certification program.

On-going education of our staff about natural resource conservation.

As members of the Rocky Mountain Car Wash Association and Western Car Wash Association we are always on the leading edge of information in chemistry and equipment innovations.

We are a highly visible water use business that has a great opportunity to educate consumers, both by example and information to the importance of water conservation.