Keep your Car Longer -- Maintain the Value


Not ready to buy a new car just yet?

Keep your car looking and feeling new by investing in regular appearance maintenance or complete restoration services.


Don't just take if from us...

-10 Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer
"Taking care of the exterior of your car by regularly washing and waxing it" from

-5 Ways to Make Your Things Last Longer
"Washing your car regularly and waxing can protect the paint job" from

-How to Make Your Vehicle Last Longer
"You can first start by keeping your vehicle clean inside and out. You should make it a habit to wash your vehicle once a week or when it gets dirty. You should also be sure to give a good coat of wax every time you wash it also to protect the paint..."

How to achieve this...

- Auto Detailing at Suds Factory: protect the paint and remove the stains from the interior.

- Frequent Car Washing: one of our membership programs will keep you car wash costs down, while letting you wash often.